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Hi all, this is kitty_caesar's sales journal. If you know me great, if you don't click over to my actual journal and say "Hi." ^_^ But since you ARE here might as well as browse my goods. I update when ever I get new merchandise.


USA SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE (unless otherwise indicated)~! I will ship internationally but I need your country to get a shipping quote and US buyers get priory since it's easier to ship within my own country. Sorry. T_T

I did have cats and dogs, so there might be hair. But I will take all of it off before shipping.

Non-smoking house.

Payment: Paypal (I have a Premium Account so everyone gets charged fees, sorry. I ask that you pay for the fees: http://ppcalc.com), money order (from reliable source ex: bank, post office, ect.), concealed cash (at your own risk.) Payment expected within 3 days (unless you ask for me to hold an item). If you do not pay, the next person will get the item.

Prices are negotiable, except where indicated. ^_^

Please note! Once the package leaves my hands then I am no longer responsible for any errors made by the post office. I recommend that you buy a tracking number and/or insurance on your package to insure that your package is not lost. There are no refunds.

Any questions, just ask.

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LINX KREATIONS *coming soon*


milk_and_oreos will soon be home to my "pet" project and side business called Linx Kreations.

Linx Kreations is all about style.

Because everyone loves being beautiful.
Because everyone loves style.
Because everyone is unique.


Linx will be caring necklaces, chokers, brooches, and cell-phone straps.

Each one will be hand made, and unique.

I use chains, real leather, glass vials, real and pure (24k) gold, ribbons, and other interesting materials.

Keep an eye out for us. We mean to make an uproar.

Madame Caesar
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